This Text Messaging Marketing Solution Changes The Game

Today’s Tip: Don’t Give Up On Email – But Don’t Depend On It Either…

Say you want to take advantage of the massive open rates of text messaging (that beat the hell out of email open rates, let alone abysmal delivery rates of email)…


You still want that nice functionality of autoresponders you get with your email list, only with SMS…


You want to NOT spend Enterprise level fees for the privilege!

Not even remotely possible until today.

Check this out:


SMS Stats 2016

  • 95 – 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt. (Hip Cricket)
  • 86% of consumers send or receive a text message every week. (Nielson)
  • 30% of consumers interact with a brand via text message. (CTIA)

It’s a mobile world now. Millennials think email is what dinosaurs used to tell each other about incoming asteroids. Time for a change in how we market.