New SEO Tactics That Are Refreshingly Simple And Deceptively Powerful

seo is peopleThis is the beginning of an ever-updated post on just how cool, easy, intuitive, and powerful the new SEO tactics are.

There’s a massive pile of new, far easier SEO tactics forming that are nothing short of mind-blowing relief to those who have discovered them. I, for one, will not miss the old days of SEO.

In this post, as it develops, I’ll certainly be talking about Google Plus and its role in giving “VIP Passes to Top 10 Rankings” to vetted, authoritative individuals for virtually any content they produce anywhere on the web.  (And how you can easily become one of those people!)

Like Soylent Green, the web is PEOPLE.  

the web is people!

If you understand people, you understand your market, and you understand that Google makes it’s living by properly gauging what real people think of pages across the web, its high time that we get on with learning how to bring these things together into a simple strategy for you to follow.

And now, because we’re SO over the algorithm fetish we’ve held onto since Google started in 1998, we can have a frank discussion about real search engine optimization.  A discussion that doesn’t include all the geekery that’s been used in the past for the sole purpose of generating hundreds of millions of dollars in business for SEO firms and consultants.

I’ll start with some interesting and powerful insights from a couple of people on Google+ about “Evergreen Content.”

+Joshua Berg starts us off with an excellent insight into the idea of true evergreen content, and even gives us a meme image to burn the idea into our memory “One does not simply create an evergreen article that one does not keep fresh.”

Josh is playing off a post by +Mark Traphagen entitled “Updating old posts gives them new search oomph” which exposes a new SEO tactic that most are woefully unaware of…

Updated on 9/26/2013

Found this great guide to optimizing your G+ profile properly on Search Engine Watch: “SEO for Google+ Profiles, Pages, Local, Communities & Updates

Update 10.4.2013 – How important is Author Rank?  Pretty freakin’ important…

Now let’s stop here for a bit and really ponder the power of the wisdom shared above.

  • What will you do with this intel now that you know about it?
  • Are you running back to your site to update some old posts with newer information than you had when you wrote them?
  • How about your G+ profile and related pages in the “Googleplex?”

I certainly hope you will. I’ll be back to this page to update the discussion as it expands, including more experts and insiders who love figuring out the big picture no one else is seeing yet in search.

When you strike pay dirt with the tips above, remember to come back here and show off in the comments area. It makes me happy. 🙂

Can’t get enough?  

Try the “Fall 2013 Ultimate Guide to Google Plus” for an info-gasm you’ll never forget!