Direct vs. Indirect Marketing

Coming from a world where the only way to market anything included a pushy, hype-ridden direct sales letter, (still does to this day for many thousands of people marketing online) it was refreshing to see Chris Garret’s post on

I would add that indirect marketing also includes blogging in the first place.

Again, where I came from, blogs are still a complete mystery to marketers. It’s 2007 and people are still asking in a deafening roar what use blogging is to a marketer.

Credibility and authority never enter the minds of opportunity seekers looking to cash in and out in a hurry.

Even though tens of thousands are still trying to cash out as fast as possible (after many years of trying, no less), many people refuse to grow up, learn the basics of business online, and start growing something of pure, true value.

Yep, in my old stomping grounds Chris’ post won’t be fully understood for another 2-3 years. Again, after all the easy money has been made.