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The Info-Burnout Of A Digital Marketing Warrior

I’m truly, utterly bored with the digital puking of non-information and training.  99% of everything I see in the wild amount of sheer data coming across my screen on a daily basis about the latest plastic gadget, social site, or marketing gimmick is rehashed garbage.  Repetitive drivel.

Most of the “in” sites nowadays are content farms.

From news sites to sites that pretend to be on the cutting edge of social and tech… it all begins to look like thousands of monkeys typing 24/7 random nothingness.  The cutting edge of a very dull blade.

People are making up news that shouldn’t be interesting to a single soul, but thousands of info consumers dutifully press the “Like” and + and Tweet buttons on cue, anyway.

Popular sites have become the story instead of the messenger.  “Hey, put out a new post!  I’m going to robotically Tweet it and see if I can get another follower!”  Never mind if the post was about nothing at all.

Who gets excited about another version of a popular phone when they come out every other day?  

Does anyone really care about the new Samsung that has replaced the one they launched last week?  Especially when everyone who bought the last one is locked into a 2 year plan?  Apparently so, if you look at the hundreds and thousands of people who apparently “Like” the new phone and are already tried of the old one from last week.

Marketing news is the same crap, different day…  

Someone launches a plugin to replace a plugin from last week.  Someone else has discovered a far more magical way to get more clients than 5 minutes ago.  An SEO expert has discovered a glitch in Google again and is willing to show us how to exploit it for $7.

Everything above can be represented in just 5-10 email updates over morning coffee.  Every damned day it is the same thing.  The same news about the same stuff trying to sound like something new and fresh.

After watching the web explode from literally the “big bang” of the very first and only website on the internet to today, I have to say there have been some mighty impressive developments along the way.  But nothing we’ve ever needed to talk endlessly about.

Online news makers are so busy talking about the latest shiny thing someone did with an app that now has 100 million users, that they don’t have any time to use the freakin thing themselves.

News for the sake of itself and technology for the sake of itself…

…it’s a pretty shallow, hollow day to day thing to face when there seems to be no plan for all this “stuff” we’re all doing.  Where is the good in what we do?  Why aren’t a hell of a lot more of the world’s problems solved by now?  How does the ability to swipe a credit card on your week-old, boring Samsung Galaxy 32.5 help anything?

I still get traffic and attention in the same basic way I have since 2000…  

Relationships and value matter as much today as they did back then.  The core principles of marketing and plain old human nature haven’t changed one iota since both were invented.  Yet every day we’re barraged with another sliced-bread analogy (which hasn’t changed either) to describe a simple color change on a website or phone.  Or a fake brand new way to get ranked on a search engine that hasn’t changed the way it ranks websites, at its core, in over 10 years.

Everyone wants tricks instead of truth.  Or so the marketing copy tells it.  Marketing copy has always taken huge liberties with reality and the child’s play of pushing the simple  human animal’s emotional buttons.  But now it is a caricature of itself.  And most of us as so far deep into it that we don’t know how laughable all this shit has become.

What I’m not bored with is the human element…  

The individual drive to create and get noticed for that creation.  The excitement I feel just talking to someone who’s in a place I’ve been many times over the last 15 years – the launch of something big and important to them.

I still love helping people with that wonderful time in their lives where they are taking a business from idea to reality and reaping the rewards of hard study and work.  I get a contact buzz from being in that space with clients to this day.  It never gets old.

Want to work together on your big idea?  Email me.

The problem is, I am finding fewer and fewer people every year who have what it takes to create something profitable, popular, and worthwhile.  (definitely not in order of importance, there.)

We’ve become so tainted with the “easy buttons” that are prevalent throughout our lives, from technology to personal to business, that no one wants to put in the work to succeed anymore.  They drank the cool aid and liked it so much, many are just sitting around waiting for their YouTube or Google or Instagram to simply “happen” for them because they wish it to be so.

Most bloggers never type this many words anymore…  

Most readers never read this far.  Which means that meaning and context and growth are effectively hidden on the web by 6 second nonsense videos and 140 character drivel.  TLDR (Too long, didn’t read) can now apply to a 4 sentence Facebook update.  Which is fine, because there’s little chance there was anything worth reading in that update in the first place.

I’m looking for people who want answers they might not always like, but who at least know that whatever they have to do to succeed can be taught and applied.

The rest of the junk out there is for the drones.  Real people with big ideas can’t let themselves get caught up in the drone mentality of consuming information for information’s sake.  You can’t do that and simultaneously build anything of value to yourself or the world.

If you’ve read this far, hopefully you’re snapping out of the information overload trance you’ve fallen into, and I’ve done something worthwhile here.  If you haven’t read this far, I’d like to thank you for blindly “Liking” my rare blog post without reading it.