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You Can Build It, Your Business Podcast Guest With Host Chuck Bartok

Chuck Bartok resurrecting his famous talk show podcast for his business audience. I get the honor of kicking it off again with him as his guest on last week’s show focused on SEO, user engagement, and examples from a project we’re both working on.

Click the play button to listen to the podcast: [sc_embed_player_template1 fileurl=”″]

Check out You Can Build It for more great business building intel from Chuck…

How Story and Engagement Matter More Than SEO and Marketing Today

The Amazing Traffic Vortex – Sharing Your Story

In this Module, Jack Humphrey will walk you through …

  • What you must never, ever do in social marketing if you want to build a massive following…
  • The one secret you must know in order to make your blog attract a huge readership that leads to more landing page opt-ins than you’ve ever seen…
  • Why most marketers lose money on Facebook and how you can avoid this obvious trap…
  • The single most important strategy you must use if you want to double your traffic in days without spending a fortune beforehand.

Thanks to +V. Lynn Hawkins and +Cynthia Gardner ONeill from the Permission Movement for a great time today!

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The Traffic Masters Interview: Ross Goldberg

Ross Goldberg IS a master of traffic.  We interviewed him on Traffic Masters Radio this week, and here’s what he shared with us…

(Stay tuned for his biggest recommendation for generating targeted traffic quickly!)

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with DirectionsU on BlogTalkRadio

This weeks special guest is Ross Goldberg.  We could just as easily say that Ross is THE Traffic Master!  In his entrepreneurial career, Ross as mastered the art of generating traffic with the greatest amount of leverage.  In other words, listen in as Ross shares his best tips for getting more traffic with less effort! If you have ever wondered how the most successful businesses get traffic online – tune into THIS show!

Content Curation and Content Marketing

I was happy to be featured on Gina Gaudio-Graves’ “Breakthrough Directions” BTR show yesterday!  We covered content marketing, real curation vs. aggregation, and relationship marketing on the interview.

You’ll find some actionable information and tactics on this interview that most people remain unaware of regarding the new seo tactics that are working wonders for those who are applying them.

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