Social Rock Stars, Geeks, and the Oral Tradition

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Becoming a top social “maven” on a social news site is a big deal in some circles. For a marketer looking for attention, it is a windfall if handled correctly.Read about “social rock stars” and one blogger’s deep take on what it means when 40%-50% of the Digg front page is controlled by the Digg Top 100.


The article is entitled “From Geek to Gods: Why Have “Social Rock Stars” Emerged?” Pretty interesting except I am not sure how “geeky” it is to become addicted to being in the limelight by being the know-it-all.The housewife who is on the phone constantly reporting the latest gossip isn’t a geek. She’s just a busy body! :)

Edit: I retract the doubt I felt about labeling people at Digg “geeks.” Just under the story above I found this:

Sex With Robots? Not so far off says author” After seeing this story get 524 Diggs in less than 24 hours, I now believe there is use for the term “flaming geek.”

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