Deep Leverage Can Drive Really Big Results

A lot of people have written books, blog posts, and training manuals discussing leverage and its importance to businesses.  Yet most people only ever understand the 101 level of using leverage to build and grow a profitable business. There’s a much […]

Fun at NAMS 13

Just got back last night from NAMS13 and already looking forward to NAMS14. Gina, David, and I did a 400 Level training session on the Vortex Business Model on Friday.  Feedback from one participant was that it was one of […]

Hear the first ever interview of Alexa on Joel Comm’s new Amazon Echo!

Today on Traffic Masters, we were super excited to interview Alexa, the voice of the Amazon Echo, via Alexa’s publicist and biggest fan, Joel Comm! We also had a chance to talk to Joel himself about all kinds of personal […]

How Story and Engagement Matter More Than SEO and Marketing Today

The Amazing Traffic Vortex – Sharing Your Story In this Module, Jack Humphrey will walk you through … What you must never, ever do in social marketing if you want to build a massive following… The one secret you must […]

Traffic Masters: Ryan Levesque, Sales Funnel Master

Ryan Levesque is well-known for creating online lead and sales flow models – most notably his Survey Funnel formula and is known to many simply as the “The Funnel Specialist”. Listen in to this interview because Ryan breaks some SERIOUS intel […]

Remember Why You Started Your Business In The First Place

For most of us, starting and growing our own business was solely for the freedom and lifestyle we dreamed of experiencing.  Somewhere along the way, we can fall victim to our businesses running us much in the same way we felt […]

Traffic Masters: Henneke Duistermaat on Persuasive Content Marketing

Henneke Duistermaat is an irreverent copywriter and marketer on a mission to stamp out gobbledygook. She’s the author of two 5-star rated books about writing and blogging, and she’s a regular contributor to popular marketing blogs like KISSmetrics and Copyblogger. […]

Traffic Masters Radio: Colin Theriot

Part 1 with #colin theriot, “The Cult of Copy.” Editor’s note: We could have charged admission for this show. Really great talking with Colin today on #traffic masters radio! After a tech glitch, we had to start the show again. We […]

The Traffic Masters Interview: Ross Goldberg

Ross Goldberg IS a master of traffic.  We interviewed him on Traffic Masters Radio this week, and here’s what he shared with us… (Stay tuned for his biggest recommendation for generating targeted traffic quickly!) Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog […]

Friends Plus Me Interview With Creator Alois Belaška

Some might not know know I’ve dived back into the podcasting world with “Traffic Masters” on Blog Talk Radio with my partner Gina Gaudio-Graves.  We’ve done several interviews so far, but this is the first I’m posting to We’ve […]

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