The Traffic Masters Interview: Ross Goldberg

Ross Goldberg IS a master of traffic.  We interviewed him on Traffic Masters Radio this week, and here’s what he shared with us… (Stay tuned for his biggest recommendation for generating targeted traffic quickly!) Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog […]

Friends Plus Me Interview With Creator Alois Belaška

Some might not know know I’ve dived back into the podcasting world with “Traffic Masters” on Blog Talk Radio with my partner Gina Gaudio-Graves.  We’ve done several interviews so far, but this is the first I’m posting to We’ve […]

Thursday Social Marketing Wrap Up

Here are some discussions and shares I’ve enjoyed this week on Google Plus. Click to hear Lee Collins talk about… Massive Sneak Attack How he got over 600 affiliates fighting to promote his product. How to love giving away money […]

What’s your biggest problem driving targeted traffic to your website?

I bet this solves it! Take an in-depth look at traffic generation from a content marketing perspective with this post from +Gina Gaudio-Graves. (And then make sure you download my new guide “The Amazing Traffic Vortex” to solve your traffic […]

Why It’s OK That Google Killed Authorship

If you are focused on Authority, then nothing that any third party does (such as Google’s failed Authorship experiment) should harm your business. In other words, as different trends emerge for gaining exposure for your business, if you’re a true Authority in your […]

Google Plus for Small Business Entrepreneurs

I recently completed a short series on Google Plus for small business on Voice America with hosts (and friends) Ira Rosen and Cory Michael Sanchez.  Over the course of 2 one-hour shows, we discussed the massive and various benefits of working […]

Super Big Day In Joint Venture Land….

Super proud today.  I’ve been a part of some pretty major deals and generated more than my share of results and profits in the last 16 years, but never anything like what’s to come with this announcement. Press Release: Cloud […]

4 Steps To Becoming An Information Overlord!

Content creation, product creation and fulfillment, social media management and engagement, building sales funnels, growing your list, being at the top of your game, staying informed…. …any of that crowding your brain on a regular basis?  I bet you have […]

Survey: What’s Your Biggest Source Of Website Traffic Right Now?

I’d love to get feedback on this. It’s always nice to find out how people are doing who read my stuff. Since a lot of my “stuff” is about driving website traffic, I like to check in and see how […]

Jeff Walker’s “Launch” Just Arrived – Hooked by Page 6

If you want to see my full review, (wait till I’m done) and Circle me on Google+ where I’ll share it first! UPDATE: #1 New York Times Bestseller (Proves I know how to buy a good book!)

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