My Original Stomping Ground, The Warrior Forum

Congrats to Allen Says! He’ll probably never publicly recount what this means, or what the Warrior Forum has meant to him over the last 17 years. Oh the stories he could tell! But that’s not his style and never was. As someone who owes a lot to the 1990′s era Warrior Forum (and beyond), this […]

Google Plus Local, Business Pages, and Personal Profiles Explained

What is a Google+ Local page? What is a Google+ Business page? How are they different from my personal profile page on Google Plus? How do I get rid of multiple incorrect pages or profiles on Google Plus? These and several other questions were addressed today on the Google Hangout below.  If you are confused […]

How to miss the point of life and business completely…

Just read a great idea today by +Chris Brogan today.   In “Seth Godin Said It Already,” he talks about the complaint that some people love to make about our ideas sounding similar what someone before us said.  I call it the disease of keeping track of who-said-what-first. It is a a tactic that un-smart […]

I’ve been thinking….

This is why they call Spiderman Amazing…

Business Not Going Anywhere? It’s The Noise…

Seriously, I can tell you exactly, with 100% precision why your business seems stalled or is growing at a painfully slow rate. And it’s not for lack of customer attraction opportunities. People collect great methods for getting targeted traffic like a hoarder collects toasters and dry cleaning bags.  And businesses suffocate under the weight of all […]

120 Ways To Promote Your Local Business

Ok – the extremely helpful infographic below was created with the title “120 Marketing Tactics for New Blogs.”  As I checked out the tips, though, I realized that a lot of our advice to clients is in this graphic. Any local business owner happening by these tips might be thrown off by “Tactics for New […]

Google+ – Your First Month

The post Google+ – Your First Month appeared first on Brick Road Media.

Google Authorship Troubleshooting

Here’s a great graphic that shows you just about every known problem you can troubleshoot when it comes to claiming Google Authorship properly. The post Google Authorship Troubleshooting appeared first on Brick Road Media.

You aren’t a local business. You’re just like everyone else…

I don’t know why we web marketers treat local businesses like something “other.”  It’s been a thing since the web started, really.  There are online businesses, (when they are new they even get their own name, called “startups”).  And then there are businesses that exist in some other-worldly place that are free to come online […]

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