Ultralight Marketing, The Re-Birth of Conversation, and Packing Light For Better Results

Marketing today can be complicated.

People are desperate.  And that's great news when you have the solution.  In this short guide, learn how to cut the excess, ineffective junk from your marketing and get back to basics to pull your business forward. (Hint:  practically everything you've been taught about marketing is wrong.) Who is desperate, you ask?  Marketers, bloggers, entrepreneurs of all kinds trying to make it in the digital age.   Drunk on opportunities to get targeted leads, and passed out face-down in the gutter … [Read more...]

The Story Leverage Sessions with David Bullock

david bullock story leverage

My buddy David Bullock just finished a Tedx talk on the "4 Stories to 10x Your Life."  It is the basis of our recent sessions called "Story Leverage." At first you might not see the connection to you and your business.  But watch the video, then check out the 4 sessions on Story Leverage David and I produced in a short podcast. (below the video) Next up: Check out the Story Leverage Sessions podcast! … [Read more...]

What One Thing has made more millionaires online than anything else?


If you look at just about any "guru" in the internet marketing space and ask:  "What one thing made their business successful?", do you know what the answer would almost unanimously be? JOINT VENTURES! Seriously, think about some of the top names in the IM space.  People like... ... Mike Filsaime (first big Joint Venture was Butterfly Marketing) ... Jeff Walker (first big Joint Venture was Product Launch Formula) ... Ryan Diess (Traffic & Conversion) ... and the list could go on … [Read more...]

New Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Group Forming…

twitter power giveaway

We're starting a great group on Facebook and are inviting YOU to participate! It is called Motivation to Profit Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Group. We'll be discussing anything and everything related to building businesses that support the lives of our dreams and also impact the world. So that means you will have a place to ask questions, get advice and feedback on things you're working on, and also share when you can help others. To kick things off, I'll be giving away some Twitter Power … [Read more...]

Amazing free marketing advice and discussion from today’s thought leaders…


Have you heard of "Traffic Masters" yet?  It's a free podcast that myself and my partner Gina Gaudio-Graves produce each Tuesday. The general aim is to discuss traffic-driving strategies and business strategy with our guests each week.  You never know where each interview will go, but the content is charge-worthy because of the stellar guests we attract to the show. Latest guests include:  (Click their names to listen to podcast!) Joel Comm, author of Twitter Power 3.0 (and 1&2 … [Read more...]