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Mar 27

66 Ways to Get More Links and 101 Link Building Tips – all in one post. That’s “High Quality Web 2.0!” (Adam Sandler, Waterboy)

I read a lot of resource posts. You know, posts with a big list of links that everyone links to if the list is good, or even moderately good.

Most of them are there only for the sake of getting more links for themselves and nothing more. (i.e. their quality and usefulness to readers is debatable.)

But Brandon could have SO gotten away with far less link building information than this and still gotten a lot of links.

I think somewhere in there the guy must actually care about his fellow marketers. 🙂 If you want to know how the biggest and the best promoters online get more links, here’s a big chunk of the answer.

(Don’t you DARE forget who told you about this!) 🙂

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