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Jack Humphrey was raised by wolves in the wilds of Montana...

He had absolutely no contact with humans until he was found by a well-known marketing guru at the age of 9 who taught him the most sought-after and rare marketing wisdom of the ages.

Today, Jack can sometimes be found sniffing the air inside various Starbucks locations for signs of business owners in need of search and rescue. Jack has helped literally tens of thousands of business owners all over the world, including Fortune 1000 companies, find their path in the wilderness of digital online marketing.​

Wilderness enthusiast, river runner, husband and father, Jack loves life too much to waste time working too much. Which is why he is a Leveragist. Find out what that means and how it can save you from a life of all work and no play (while still GROWING your business) by reading his book "The Leverage Black Book."

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