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Jeff Walker’s “Launch” Just Arrived – Hooked by Page 6

If you want to see my full review, (wait till I’m done) and Circle me on Google+ where I’ll share it first! UPDATE: #1 New York Times Bestseller (Proves I know how to buy a good book!)

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The Biggest Lesson I’ve Learned About Building A Successful Business

a service based business

I used to just sell stuff.  More precisely, I used to come up with product ideas for the sole purpose of getting the highest conversions and profits possible.  Those were the things that were most on my mind when I […]

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8 Answers To The Most Common Marketing Questions


Question 1:  How do I get lots of search engine rankings so that at least 1/2 of my traffic comes from search? Common Answer:  Buy an SEO course and learn how to do something that took real SEO experts years […]

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Better Ways To Get Massive, Targeted Traffic


Which is better? Getting targeted traffic by reaching your audience one at a time? Getting targeted traffic by the bushel by reaching thought leaders? Seems like the answer would be obvious.  But #1 is the way most people are taught […]

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