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Jack Humphrey & Gina Gaudio-Graves interview experts in traffic generation, social media marketing, and getting big attention on the web!

  • Patricia Stallworth: Success With a 1 Minute Podcast!

    Patricia Stallworth joins Traffic Masters Radio this week to share how she got her successful 1 min podcast from zero to THOUSANDS of downloads in just a few months! Patricia is the founder of the “Make Your Money Work Movement“, the host of the “Minding Your Money Minute” podcast, the author of the upcoming book, “Profits on Fire” . She is also […]

  • Corinna Essa Breaks Down Social Media Marketing Success on Traffic Masters

    Corinna Essa is known internationally as the go-to person when it comes to social media marketing. Corinna started using Twitter to market products. Within 3 weeks, she had replaced her full-time income working only 2 hours a day.  Corinna now owns a social media marketing company helping businesses around the world leverage the power of social media without doing any of the legwork. […]

  • Shola Abidoye: The 3 Things You Must Do To Achieve A Truly Successful Lifestyle Business

    We always have awesome guests and topics on Traffic Masters. And this week, Shola Abidoye is a great example of that! Listen in as Shola discusses the CRSP Digital Sales Growth strategy and the 3 things you MUST do to grow and prosper in a lifestyle business. (Really awesome, actionable advice today!) Shola is the world’s #1 expert in CRSP™ – […]

  • Tom Schwab’s Content Marketing Success Tips

    Tom Schwab is a pioneer in inbound marketing, a leading industry consultant, author, and speaker on the subject, as well as a business owner and entrepreneur. He grew his own business, Goodbye to Crutches, from a regional direct-to-consumer company to becoming one of the leading national companies in its class. He is the owner of two companies – Goodbye Crutches, […]

  • Devon Brown’s Sage Advice to Home Business Entrepreneurs

    Devon Brown (a.k.a The Success Renegade) From bankrupt at the age of 23, to now generating as much as $50,000 a month in his home based business, Devon Brown has become one of the most talented young success coaches & speaker/motivators for home business entrepreneurs. His teachings are not only power-packed and filled with laughter; but they also contain simple, practical, […]